Balconies, Handrails and Grilles

A Wrought Iron Product from RENROH can provide the customer with enhancing the look of their property while also making it more secure. From Gates & Railings to Balconies, Grilles & Handrails, RENROH has it covered.

We’ve been making Wrought Iron Products now for over 40 years, supplying hundreds of properties across the Wirral. Every new piece of work is Bespoke to the individual customer with great care and attention to detail taken, from the smallest to largest of projects.

We only use good gauge thickness of steels in all our work and every piece commissioned is Hot Dip Galvanized to ISO 1461 2009 to prevent corrosion. The final finish process being either by spary painting or powder coating.

Balconies, Handrails & Grilles

Balconies can vary from all different shapes and sizes, modern or traditional. From a ‘Juliette’ Balcony Grille to a fully functioning, ‘Walkable’ Balcony.

Each balcony is bespoke to the individual client with so many designs to choose from. From a traditional Wrought Iron Style to ones incorporating Glass of different shades.

Below are some examples of previous work we have carried out.

Also included are some examples of Handrails to steps, both Traditional Wrought Iron and plain tubular ‘Grab Rails’.

Included also are some examples of Wrought Iron Window Grilles. We can also replicate many designs that are not currently in our existing portfolio.