Chin Up & Dip Bar

Renroh Outdoor Chin Up & Dip Bar

After being an avid gym goer for the last 21 years and competing in 2 London Marathons and countless half marathons, fitness has always been a big part of my life.

But like anything you do for such a great length of time, things can get a little stale and boring so keeping things fresh is a great way to stay motivated.

One of my recent fitness finds is the art of calisthenics, which is simply using your own body weight to build muscle and burn fat.

In all the years of training I have never seen such dramatic gains in such a short space of time. It all started when my local gym put in a climbing rig in place of some old gym equipment.

Sceptical at first, I soon became hooked on all that could be achieved with just one piece of apparatus.

I then thought that if I wanted to make real gains I needed something at home in my garden. So I came up with the Renroh Chin & Dip Bar.

Using tanilised wood and galvanized steel this piece of equipment would look good in any garden.

This can be shipped anywhere in MAINLAND UK and fitted within 2-3 hours by a competent DIYer. Everything is included as seen below. Approximately 8 bags of Postcrete are needed which is not included but can be bought from any DIY store.

A local fitting service is available in the North West.

A full workout regime is included using video tutorials.

Save hundreds of pounds on costly gym memberships and order yours today.

The version seen here is £305.00 collection only.
A fully galvanized all steel version is also available at a cost of £385.00 collection only.

We can also design a chin up and/or dip system to your exact requirements. Please contact us for for pricing.

Delivery is carried out on a next day service in MAINLAND UK only and is £88.00.