Contour Fencing

Our innovative self raking fencing system, allows fast, easy and economical installation possible, even on sloping or undulating ground conditions. The unique non-welded design enables it to be assembled after coating which means that colour combination options are many and varied, even within an individual panel.

The design of the horizontal rail is such that we can adjust the railing on site to follow ground contours, and accommodate any changes in direction, as we proceed around the fence-line. The rail can withstand a downward pressure of up to 200kg with no permanent sag, therefore no ground tube centre supports are required. Traditional contour railing can rake to 800mm compared to Standard Bow Top with 550mm per panel.

As well as well as standard capped tops, mitred or square bar is also a fitting option. Finial tops are also available. This style is essentially the same as the traditional top, but features a choice of three finial heads as shown below.