Retractable Security Grilles

Our retractable security gate system is a stylish solution for protecting windows and doors, offering security and high through – vision. When protection is needed our sliding security grilles act as a visible deterrent to would be intruders providing a effective barrier to entry.

When not in use, the grilles are unobtrusive and compact. The sashes fold neatly to the side, out of sight behind curtains or vertical blinds, with the options of fold-away bottom tracks to leave openings unrestricted. Reliable, quick and easy to use, maintenance free with multi point locking and galvanised for corrosion resistance, providing effective yet flexible security.

Residential Premises

Elegant looks with a heart of steel, our retractable security gate system provides a classic appearance with strength, making it an ideal security choice for the home.

Designed to keep intruders out while letting maximum light in, they are ideal for patio doors, french windows or any other vunerable ground floor doors or windows. Gates can be left locked with doors open to provide ventilation without loss of security.

When not in use, these retractable gates are surprisingly unobtrusive. Fitted to the door or window surround, they can disappear neatly behind curtains and a pelmet can be utilised to conceal the top track.

Retail Premises

Installed inside a shop window, our retractable gates deliver an exceptionally strong yet aesthetically appealing barrier against intruders, which allows merchandise to be displayed safely, 24 hours a day. Products stay on display with unrestricted visibility while remaining protected.

Fitted at the rear at the rear of a window display, retractable gates also effectively create an attractive backdrop while protecting the shops interior. The window display view remains totally uninterrupted whilst the gate is also easily accessible for easy operation.

These gates are safe, easy to handle, smooth and quiet to operate. They hang from a top track with a guide track at the base, which, as an optional extra, can be supplied to quickly fold up when not required, leaving shop entrances free from obstruction and aiding disabled wheelchair access.